Each cymbal is hand-hammered in Turkey by cymbal smiths with more than 20 years of experience. Spizz cymbals are unique in sound, quality and metal composition. Every cymbal has a unique voice and no two cymbals sound the same.


The biggest difference in this unique line is our B25 composition. This means the mixture from the raw material and the way these instruments are hammered, are a well kept secret. This ensures that the cymbals will be unique in comparison to any others.  Most cast cymbals are made of B20 alloy which contain 80% copper, 20% tin, and traces of a few other metals. It’s obvious that Spizz cymbals made by Universal Percussion in  Istanbul  have a sound all their own. These cymbals reflect the Turkish cymbal making companies several generations back, to the days when all jazz ride cymbals came from Turkey.


 They will be available in extremely limited quantities while supplies last. We use the philosophy of quality, not quantity. The line includes: 14" matched hi-hats, 16",17”,18",19” crashes, 20” and 21" crash rides, along with 22" and 24" rides.


The adjectives traditionally used to describe cymbal sounds—terms like “solid chick,” “dark,” “crisp,” “bright,” “complex tonality,” “clear stick definition,” “plenty of wash”—don’t begin to do justice to the unique acoustic nature of Spizz 2016 cymbals. Each one is a totally individual instrument; no two will ever sound exactly the same. We invite you to contact your Universal sales rep for detailed information about cymbal size availability and pricing at:  sales@universalpercussion.com. These cymbals are also available in all international markets by Jerry Donegan (V.P. of International Sales)


The entire line is available through your local drum shops across the country.






The 2016 Spizz cymbals are designed in the USA by jazz drummers at Universal Percussion. These cymbals are all hand-hammered to our specifications in Istanbul. These top of the line cymbals can only be described by one word, “incredible!”


Cymbals have a certain mystique about them that other percussion instruments don’t enjoy. This mystique involves a great deal of myth and legend that all cast cymbals made in Turkey embody.

* The 2016 Spizz cymbals are not related  to the cymbals made by Roberto Spizzichino.