16" Crash

The 16” Spizz crash is everything a jazz drummer could ask for…and more. It offers a deep, dark fundamental pitch that opens up to a quick, explosive spread topped by a shimmering sustain—all with no lingering “gonginess” or unpleasant overtones. The cymbal responds well to light impact, as one would desire in acoustic jazz or other low-volume settings. It produces an even richer, more full-bodied sound when really whacked, making it equally great for electric jazz, pop, or other amplified situations.


In size, sound, and performance potential, the 16” Spizz crash is a remarkably versatile cymbal. And beyond that, it is—quite simply—the perfect jazz crash.


SP16CR 16’’  Retail $247.50




17" Crash

The 17” Spizz crash takes things a step deeper and darker than its 16” sibling, with virtually no high overtones whatsoever. It offers the same quick, explosive spread, but with a medium-fast decay that lets the cymbal make a statement and then get out of the way. As an added bonus, a clear, high-pitched bell offers the potential for Latin-style ride patterns.


This is a cymbal that offers plenty of dark, musical projection—and a character all its own.


SP17CR 17’’  Retail $424.50





18" Crash

The 18" Spizz crash can be used for a big open dark crash or a small club Jazz (crash-ride). This is also the perfect cymbal when using mallets for cymbal swells.


This cymbal can produce dark complicated sticking or an explosive full bodied crash.


SP18CR 18’’  Retail $464.25






19" Crash

With its big, rumbling sound, the 19” model is the “big gun” of the Spizz crashes. It has the deepest pitch and the darkest tonality, and it offers the most explosive power and the longest sustain. Meanwhile, striking the bell activates the full body of the cymbal—perfect for executing penetrating accents.


While probably not the choice for a low-volume acoustic situation, the 19” Spizz crash would provide the authentic “jazz voice” in an amplified setting. You’ll never need to sacrifice sound just to be heard.


SP19CR 19’’  Retail $503.25