Spizz Hi Hats

Spizz 14” hi-hats feature a bottom cymbal that’s only slightly heavier than the top cymbal—with both being significantly thinner than most other hi-hat models today. This gives them a relatively warm, breathy response, a very nice midrange tonality, and a sweet, shimmery top end. They have a clear but not overpowering “chick” sound when closed with the foot, while sticking articulation on the top cymbal is clear and distinct (especially great for “swing-style” ride patterns). The cymbals’ light weight also lets them produce a terrific half-closed washy sound that’s always musical rather than abrasive.


While the Spizz hi-hats are unquestionably superb for jazz applications, they’re likely to appeal to anyone who loves responsiveness and musicality in a set of hats. Why be limited?


SP14HH 14’’  Retail $345.00