20” Ride

The 20” Spizz ride may be the most musical and versatile ride cymbal ever created. Its thin weight makes it incredibly sensitive to all impact levels; whether you strike hard or soft you hear the full range of the cymbal’s sound. That sound starts off with a deep, dark tonality, and then expands into a rich, full-bodied spread that never becomes washy or uncontrollable. (Sticking articulation is never lost.) The sound finishes with a shimmering sustain that gives the cymbal a more complete character than that of many traditional jazz-oriented rides. Topping it all off is a bell with a clear, high-pitched bell that’s also not commonly found in jazz rides.


What does all of this mean? It means that the 20” Spizz ride isn’t just an incredible jazz cymbal. This is an incredible ride cymbal…period.


SP20JR 20’’  Retail $440.00


21” Ride

The 21" Spizz ride is a favorite ride cymbal for the purest jazz enthusiast.  The body of the cymbal allows the perfect stick definition with just the right amount of build.  The bell of the cymbal offers a dark tone that makes the perfect blend for any style of jazz.



SP21JR 21’’  Retail $592.50



22” Ride

The 22” Spizz offers a deep, dark tonality with virtually no high-pitched overtones. Accordingly, the sound is produces is extremely consistent, whether at low or high stick impact. It’s sensitive to soft playing; harder hits produce only a warm, musical spread—never an uncontrolled wash. The bell is surprisingly high and bright under delicate playing, but produces a deeper, full-bodied sound when struck with force.


If you’re looking for the quintessential jazz ride cymbal, look no further. This is it.


SP22JR 22’’  Retail $671.25




24” Ride

The 24” Spizz ride is truly a monster…and not just because of its size. To begin with, it’s unbelievably sensitive; you barely need to breathe on it to make it respond. And that response is a full range of under- and overtones, starting in the basement and spreading out into a powerful midrange. As you might expect, the 24” diameter produces lots of spread and a long sustain. (If you dare to crash this beast it’s almost like hitting a gong.) Contrasting with the low fundamental pitch of the cymbal is a very bright, penetrating bell.


This Spizz model isn’t for everyone. But if you think you can control its almost unlimited power and sonic range, it just might be for you.


SP24JR 24’’  Retail $698.25